Welcome To Home Staging!

The process of home staging depends on a couple of sets of circumstances. Are you still living in the home or not? Some will choose to wait to sell their home after they have bought elsewhere and are all moved in. Others will list their home for sale while they are still living there. We will take a look at home staging for both of these scenarios, so you have the information you need to figure out which way you’d like to go.

Staging A House

Home staging guide - living room There’s no one correct way to sell your house. Home staging is the process of decorating with furniture and products to make it look and feel as it would when the new resident is all moved in. Home staging can also increase the final sale price. When buyers come to look at your house for sale, they are really looking for something they can visualize as being their next home. Home staging helps them to see a fully furnished space and gives them an idea of what their new home could be. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather see pictures and walk through a home that is furnished and not a completely bare, empty house? Home staging helps them see what their future may look like and often times those homes will stand out more for them than just the empty shell.

Vacant Home Staging

When you go about home staging there are several techniques you can use to get you there. These will depend on the type of home you’re trying to sell and the features that you would like to stand out within the property. If you are home staging on a budget, this doesn’t have to be expensive.

These techniques can range from simple things to large-scale projects. Whether you want a few quick fixes or a full-scale staging project, there’s a tip in this guide you can implement right away to improve the value of your home.

Property Staging While Still Living There

You don’t have to do massive renovations to properly stage a home or invest in model furniture either. There are plenty of little things you can do, from cleanup and repair to decorating, that will increase your home’s worth in a buyer’s eyes.

Home staging guide - kitchen and dining roomIf you are still in the house, you can start to get the packing process going and you will have already begun the home staging process. Remove the family photos and most of the items on the walls. You are going for a simple look that isn’t too much. Another home staging tip that will go a long way is to be sure that the cleanliness is up to snuff. A thorough dusting and wipe down will make your house sparkle and work on getting rid of the odors in the home as well and that will make the house more inviting. Be careful when home staging not to just mask the odors however, if the place smells like a store full of candles it will make the buyers think that you are trying to hide some other smell.

Vacant Home Staging

This is a bit easier to do because you aren’t also trying to carry on with your normal routines and daily living. If you are home staging after you have moved out into your new home, you can leave behind just a few pieces and make a big difference. A chair or two in the living room, table and chairs in the dining and few items in the other rooms can go a long way to improve your home staging look.

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